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August 18, 2022

Hajime Sorayama – “Sorayama Explosion”

Hajime Sorayama

“Sorayama explosion”

(Nanzuka Underground Galery – Tokyo)

Jul 7 – Aug 11, 2018


The exhibition features Sorayama’s new human-scale sculpture and new paintings including the one tributes to the ‘Metropolis’ produced by Fritz Lang in 1972, which is one of the god mother of Sorayama’s Sexy Robot series.



Hajime Sorayama lives and works in Tokyo.

Hajime Sorayama graduated from Chubi Central Art School in 1969, and had initially spent some time working with an advertising company. Since becoming freelance in 1972, he has established his position as a legendary artist both within Japan and abroad, armed with his astounding sense of realistic expressional techniques. Sorayama’s extensive oeuvre that centers upon an on-going pursuit for beauty regarding the human body and the machine has continued to receive high international acclaim, and his signature body of work entitled, the “Sexy Robot” series (1978-) had served to established his world-wide reputation. In 1999, he won the Good Design Award (Ministry of Trade and Industry) and the Media Arts Festival Grand Prize (Agency of Cultural Affairs) for his work with Sony on the concept design for their entertainment robot ‘AIBO.’ In 2001 the first generation ‘AIBO’ was added to the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Sorayama is also renown for his collaboration with internationally famous rock band Aerosmith for the artwork on the cover of their 2001 album, ‘Just Push Play.’ In recent years, Sorayama’s works have been presented in exhibitions including, “Unorthodox” (The Jewish Museum, New York, 2015), “Desire” (by Larry Gagosian and Jeffery Deitch, Moore building Miami, 2016), “The Universe and Art” (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2016, Art Science Museum,Singapore, 2017), and his participation in a large scale group show “Cool Japan” at Tropen Museum in Amsterdam is scheduled in September, 2018.

Text by Nanzuka Galery

Address : Shibuya Ibis bldg. #B1F 2-17-3 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0002 JAPAN