Slow is Fast
August 18, 2022

AM ART FILMS SERIES: Corinne Mercadier

“Entre Terre et Ciel”

Corinne Mercadier


The work of Corinne Mercadier is an eternal flight. He draws his forms from the borders of sculpture, drawing and dance. His spaces are those of painting and the perspective of the Renaissance, the choreographic stage and the theatrical scene. Photography is the receptacle. It is the heart, the magic moment where the capture crystallizes the formal and poetic elements. Without this moment of fulfillment, the bodies, the sculptures and the staged objects would remain inert, lifeless. In this work, the poetic element meets the photographic to capture an ephemeral image fixed for eternity. He always moves according to a new inspiration where the pictorial and philosophical references intertwine with the landscape, the forms imagined by the artist and the movement that she breathes into her models. The relation to their bodies is predetermined by the costumes with which they move to meet objects projected in the scenic space that has become the landscape.


Un film de Sandra Stadeli, avec Corinne Mercadier