Slow is Fast
August 18, 2022

Designers Of The Day: Valérie Maltaverne

A French design gallery and manufacturer, Ymer & Malta is at the epitome of contemporary design. Shown in Design Miami over the years, the pieces seem to coin a new design aesthetic.

A visionary, self-taught gallerist Valérie Maltaverne explores traditional materials and techniques to compose the most forward-thinking design collections. Think wood marquetry, marble or fine leather taking to a completely new level with Void stools carved out of veined white marble by A+A Cooren; a sofa-bench designed by Benjamin Graindorge that evolves into a landscape of soft leather pixels; an elegant snake composed of intricate marquetry that glides on the ebony surface of a minimalist coffee table… Across the range of project she spearheads, no two are the same in essence. However, if there were one common denominator, it would be poetry: “I have collaborated with Benjamin Graindorge for every collection and every time I am amazed at how poetical his language his: his lights are named Morning Mist, Between Shadows, Cristal Cane and Aspherical Sky Light while his mirrors blur and relay the vision of a mirage. But maybe the most surprising is his Fallen Tree bench: sculpted out of a dead tree, it seems to suspend in mid air”, Valérie Maltaverne explains.

by Clara Le Fort