Slow is Fast
July 5, 2022

Designer Of The Day: Snøhetta

Take the simplest of architectural shapes and multiply it: welcome to a modern-day residence designed by Snøhetta.

It looks like an A-frame house or a simple wooden house, yet it is much more than that. Designed by award-winning Norwegian architectural practice RRA (Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, winner of The International Architecture Award for National Tourist Route Trollstigen in 2013), the Micro Cluster Cabins are a collection of multiple interconnected units of clear geometric volumes. “The client wanted a cabin for the whole family, but at the same time it needed to be divisible in some way. The solution was a cluster of three structures, which can be used individually. Each of the buildings is defined as a clarified geometric volume, organized around the outdoor area that binds them together as one unit”, the architects explain. Like in a small village, the cabins interact with the landscape while creating distinct living spaces: for example, the cooking and living facilities are housed in a glass-fronted ‘extrovert space’, while sleeping and bathing areas are contained in two more private, wooden-fronted cabins.

At a time when architects go lengths to create lavish residences – that often disrupt the landscapes – unearthing one of the simplest architectural forms to adapt it to modern living is definitely a forward thinking attitude.

By Clara Le Fort