Slow is Fast
July 5, 2022

Designer Of The Day: Patrick Jouin

1/ Can you introduce yourself?
I’m an interior designer, a product designer and a little bit of an architect.

2/ How do you define design?
I don’t want to define it. But let’s say that everything I create must be new and must work. My number one rule is to never do anything empty, and to try to invent things that do not exist. This is where the job becomes tricky, when one needs to imagines things that do not exist but could work.

3/ Must design necessarily be functional?
Yes. Definitely.

4/ What do you dream of designing?
I don’t dream of designing anything, this is not what makes me move forward as a designer. Meeting people, creating opportunities, this is what make me want to create. I share my projects with my clients.

5/ Your next project?
I’ll be presenting an architect lamp with COS LIGHTNING next spring.