Slow is Fast
July 5, 2022

Designer Of The Day: Kostia

Kostia is a creator of contemporary art furniture, well known amongst decorators and collectors. Kostia seeks to enlarge the space that has been traditionally assigned to art furniture. When giving form to his creations, he will often reflect on their significance in the broader framework of the society in which we live. Kostia limits his creations to unique pieces or small series at most. He is not interested in furniture that can be reproduced. Kostia’s furniture is made in his own workshop and are exposed in the adjacent gallery at 5, Cité de la Roquette, 75011 Paris.

1/ Can you introduce yourself?
I’m a furniture designer, a “creative modernist”. I work with wood to give my creations my own sense of modernity. I look at the future using the techniques and traditions borrowed from the past.

2/ How do you define design?
Traditionally, the designer creates useful and beautiful pieces of furniture to be mass-produced. This is why I do not usually use this word to describe my work. But today, the word design can actually mean mass-produced products, limited-series and even fine furniture.

3/ Must design necessarily be functional?
Yes, to me it is what creates the frontier between design and art. Design takes into account the final user’s constraints. The object needs to be functional. Design is very important today because it fulfill people’s need to make their own place into the world. Design allows people to access modernity in the shadow of contemporary art.

4/ What do you dream of designing?
Chairs and armchairs ! There is an aesthetic constraint and a serious confort constraint to take into account, a new challenge for me.

5/ Your next project?
I am currently working on two projects, close to my heart. The first one is an art piece, an inhabited art piece, the point is to create social bonds between a community living together in the same neighborhood or city and to change the way people see the homeless. The other project is a sculpted side-table made out of bronze. I was given an “endless knot” during a recent trip I took in Ladakh, and its shape inspired me to create the piece.