Slow is Fast
September 17, 2019

Designer Of The Day: Thomas Lemut

Thomas Lemut, born in 1961, is a sculptor, film director/producer and artistic director. He has worked in art from a very early age and is now creating furniture. Functionality follows aesthetics in his work, which makes him more a sculptor than a designer. He works for art collectors and interior designers and is represented by Gallery Fumi in London. He now lives in Paris.

1/ Can you introduce yourself?
I’m not a designer, nor an artist, I consider myself a furniture creator.

2/ How do you define design?
I’ve been hearing a thousand different definitions for the word « design », today it means everything and nothing at the same time. The best way to get an actual definition be to open up a dictionary, design is « an aesthetic applied to the research of new shapes and objects, and adapted to their function. »

3/ Must design necessarily be functional?
Yes, because design cannot dissociate function from aesthetics, even when the object is associated with social or environmental problematics, we always come back to the pair: function and beauty.

4/ What do you dream of designing?
A firearm, a gun probably.

5/ Your next project?
On the long-term, I’d like to pursue my goal ; to create furniture based on authenticity, sustainability and the re-location of production, a new and essential need in my opinion. And on the short-term I work on creating a lamp collection for an exhibit in Paris in 2015 and London in 2016 with Gallery Fumi.