Slow is Fast
August 18, 2022

Designer Of The Day: Ambra Medda

Ambra Medda’s vision shaped the contemporary design world: from the moment she co-founded Design Miami with Craig Robbins back in 2005 and took a fresh perspective on design, it was clear that the XXIst Century had landed! A visionary art-director, Medda left the fair in good hands and turned her expertise into a website: l’ArcoBaleno (which means rainbow in Italian) was born.

Sourcing unique, limited edition objects, vintage pieces and collectibles, l’ArcoBaleno virtually regroups the best of modernist, decorative and contemporary design. Furthermore, Medda put together a team to accompany her picks with historical background, reports from the design world, movies about culture and creative trends. “L’ArcoBaleno reflects the entire spectrum of design, the way I see it: it will include collectible objects, but also fashion, food, music, architecture, art and technology. My hope is that it will influence the global design conversation; inspire and engage collectors, curators, and devotees of creative fields.” If one can source a piece from the Bauhaus, De Stijl or Memphis movements, objects straight out of the Royal College of Art or Eindoven Academy are also on display. A vision that Medda shared with expert board members such as architect David Adjaye, gallery owner Suzanne Demisch, musician and design fan Pharrell Williams or British designer Tom Dixon. A new era for collectible design has arrived.

by Clara Le Fort