Slow is Fast
August 18, 2022

Designer Of The Day: Cédric Morisset

After completing his studies in Art History and Cultural Management, Cédric Morisset started his career in contemporary art and then turned to the field of design. He began his activities as exhibition curator in 2003 upon an invitation from the Lisbon International Design Biennal, followed by several exhibitions presented in France and abroad, including French Reference (Shanghai and Guangzhou, 2008), Icons of Design (Sao Paulo, 2009) and Nouvelle Vague (Milan, 2011 and 2013). At the same time, Cédric Morisset has been a permanent contributor specialized in design for AD magazine and the daily French newspaper, Le Figaro.

Between 2010 and 2012, he supervised, as general curator, the annual exhibition AD Intérieurs, organized by the eponymous magazine. Since 2013, Cédric Morisset has been working as head of the design department of the French auction house PIASA. He signed the chapter dedicated to design in the book Louis Vuitton, art, mode & architecture published by Rizzoli New York, as well as a book of interviews with Brazilian designers Humberto & Fernando Campana (published by Archibooks), and co-wrote One Hundred and One Words of Design with Marion Vignal (also published by Archibooks).

1/ Can you introduce yourself?
I am a journalist, a curator, and a design consultant who completely turned his life around and became director of the design department at PIASA auction house. I define myself as a free-minded entrepreneur and an aesthete.

2/ How do you define design?
It’s a word with a thousand definitions, it does not mean anything anymore. In the USA, I even have heard of hair design… I’d rather say that there is a thousand ways to talk about design. I wrote a book on this matter, “Les 101 Mots du Design” (101 Words of Design) with Marion Vignal, to better understand the contours of a very rich and wide notion.

3/ Must design necessarily be functional?
Without fonction, it’s not design, it’s plastic expression. Wether it’s sculptural or artistic, a piece of furniture is a piece of furniture, like at the Carpenters Workshop, a gallery that exhibits of the best examples of what we ould call sculptural design.

4/ What would you dream of being designed?
A watch by Gerald Genta, father of the Royal Oak who passed away in 2011, a bed by Gio Ponti, another designer that has left us, a chandelier by Luis Laplace, an interior designer who creates high-end furniture and who is alive and well.

5/ Your next project?
“Gabriella Crespi, timeless” on November, 26th. A monograph dedicated to the work of the glamour icon of the 60s and 70s, famous for her refined and innovative brass furniture and her affinities with the international jet-set.