Slow is Fast
October 1, 2022


Rhymes is a bilingual book (English and French) featuring more than 300 photos by Lou Reed. The accompanying text, written by Bernard Comment, gives his views on the photographic work of Lou Reed.



Reed presents his photographs as a collection of photography. The images of landscapes and portraits feature high magnification of details and are related to each other by Reed’s visual thinking. In Lou’s words:

“These photos represent my adventures with light – starting from 1960 with Andy Warhol through today. I began with photograms. I had used a video camera to obtain extreme contrasts in photos in the likeness of Billy Name. I installed twelve rows of televisions stacked on five levels with tapes specifically for this effect. It seems as if it were whirling glaciers and was looking to all of this before I was playing on stage. I armed myself with a variety of devices for all of my goals in my quest for joy and beauty. Nothing looks like it was captured just just one lens. The reality is different for every viewer. Everything is exciting to see. I’m sure God owned a Leica” – Lou Reed