Slow is Fast
July 5, 2022

Human, a life after Grand National

Human is the new project from former Grand National frontman La Rudd. Originally hailing from Weston-Super-Mare in the west country, La grew up on a healthy vinyl diet of the likes of ‘Joni Mitchell’ ‘Stevie Wonder’ ‘Crosby Stills And Nash’ (to name a few) thanks to the impecable taste of his parents.Dad, a gigging drummer and Band leader, and mum heavily involved in musical theatre.

La started his musical path himself playing the drums like his father. It was only when a singer left the band he was currently drumming for when he thought he’d have a go! Ending up lead singing and drumming at the same time. Having got the singing bug, La felt a strong need to write his own songs.It wasn’t enough for him to sing covers anymore, he needed to bring something of himself to the party. He ended up selling his drum kit, buying a drum machine and portastudio, and began experimenting and developing his songwriting.

Moving from the small minded mentality of humble Weston-Super-Mare to the bright lights of London was a must in order to develop as an artist. Once in London, La started  off doing lots of studio backing vocal sessions for various people to earn money to stay alive. And it was whilst singing in a cover band in London that la met Rupert Lyddon and went on to form ‘Grand National’ in 2001. In 2003 after an intense period of writing and recording the boys signed to Sunday Best Records / BMG and Universal Publishing.

La made two albums with Grand National and played gigs and festivals all over the world in France, Holland, Belguim, Norway, Sweden, America, Austalia, Mexico, Japan etc.

Since leaving Grand National La has been concentrating on his solo project ‘Human’. La, with his friend and co producer Matt Kemp decamped to Morocco to record the beginnings of what would become ‘Three Times Lightning’. La did all the vocals and guitar live at the same time in one take, wanting to capture a performance! La and Matt then returned to London to do all the overdubs and finishing touches. The results are La’s debut solo album under the Name ‘Human’ called ‘Three Times Lightning’ a blissed out folky pop affair.
For the past two years La also presents a regular weekly show on Soho Radio called ‘The Hangover Cure’ The station recently won the best radio station in the world at the Mixcloud Awards!