Slow is Fast
August 18, 2022

Tristan Lecomte : Make our planet great again

Thamonwan Thitikarn and Tristan Lecomte, founder of PUR Projet, at PUR Farm, an experimental farm for agroecological techniques in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Recent news has been marked by the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, a slap in the face for all of us, but more so for communities in the poorest countries. President Trump’s decision showed a cruel lack of solidarity with those who are hit the hardest by climate change. These vulnerable communities are the least responsible for man-made climate change and the ones who most lack resources to adapt themselves.

This decision basically means “our problem is now your problem”. It reveals that a number of citizens in developed countries rather take refuge in isolationism and selfishness, willing to protect their standard of living and outrageous consumerism.

Unexpectedly, we see a growing population not only oppose, but actively countervail against the decision. There is a “pushback”, which creates the momentum we need for a real collective commitment to the climate. The reactions are fierce; the United States might have left the Paris Agreement but leading businesses, local governments, and citizens within the US and across the world are mobilizing in action. The day after the election, we had imagined “The election of Mr. Trump is a chance for the Climate”. This prophecy may be happening.

It is decision time for all of us. Do we believe that pullback, selfishness and fear of others are the path to success and wealth? Or can solidarity, commitment and socio-environmental innovation enable everyone to succeed, harmoniously and collectively? Mobilizing against climate change is not a constraint, rather it is a wonderful opportunity given to us to innovate, to challenge ourselves, to create new services and products, in accordance with our environment and values. Doing more with less, reinventing our ideals and creating the world of tomorrow… At PUR Projet, we believe more than ever that commitment to social and environmental causes is the way to our economic success and personal fulfillment. “Let’s make our planet great again”, for ourselves, for the world and for future generations.